Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Completion

Practice the art of letting go.

Theme for the 30th day of the month:

Today completes this month’s cycle of the rhythm of peace. It’s an ending, and endings invite us to pause, look back, and reflect. You might ask:

What has happened in my life this month?
What has happened in the world?

As we recall the highlights of the month, and re-visit them briefly in our memory, we practice the art of letting go. As with any ability, it becomes more seasoned and graceful with time. Some of the events of this month may stay with us for awhile. We’ll let go gradually as time passes, as we come to terms with what we’ve experienced. Wisdom tells us what to leave behind and what to carry with us into the new month.

A review of the month helps us to digest and assimilate our experiences. The consequences of our actions and choices are easier to see. We notice what worked and what didn’t. We remember those circumstances that moved and inspired, as well as those that disappointed and frustrated. We embrace crisis or hardship with compassion, and acknowledge turning points.

As we look back, we find some things to correct, and other things to acknowledge and celebrate. We see some of the results of our efforts to cultivate peace. If we discover we’re still lingering in past events, our intention to let go helps restore us to the present moment. Maybe we’re reminded of something unfinished that can be completed today.

An end-of-the-month review supports health because it releases tension and prevents an unnecessary build up of unfinished business. Reflection supports peace because it fosters stillness and acceptance. We gain perspective on how we’re living, and see the twists and turns of our destiny through the passage of time. When we’ve done what we can, then we let go, exhale fully, and carry the wisdom of this month’s living forward.

If thou hast commenced a good action,
leave it not incomplete.

The Talmud
Start a new cycle of the rhythm of peace on the first of the month, as we continue to make peace a daily priority...

Check back tomorrow for a new theme!

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa