Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Natural Laws

Cultivate peace with common sense.

Theme for the 20th day of the month:

There are no shortcuts to peace or to health, yet our modern culture seems to persist in its efforts to find them. There seems to be a “quick-fix” solution for just about everything. Experience tells us that these solutions are rarely satisfying.

Healthy growth and sustainable change are governed by universal natural laws. If we really look, it’s easy to see that there’s no lasting peace when we try to impose our will on the natural order of things. We can learn this from tending a garden, where ordinary tasks can reveal extraordinary wisdom.

Natural laws don’t cut corners. They teach patience and cooperation. In taking care of a garden, we prepare the soil, plant the seeds, protect the seedlings, water, feed, weed, prune, and harvest—each task in its own time. We work with the warmth, light, and water that nature provides and adapt to changing conditions. We anticipate the hour of ripening, and harvest when it arrives. The ripening process follows its own rhythms and not our demands for quick results.

In the garden, timing is everything. We learn to respond to the garden’s changing needs, and to respect the cyclic rhythms of growth and ripening, decline and gestation. We become more accepting when we see these same rhythms at work in our personal circumstances. It becomes obvious that, in the long run, skipping steps doesn’t work. Neither does trying to harvest something before it’s ripe.

The seeds of genuine peace are scattered everywhere. With care, they too will grow by natural laws, and growth and ripening will take their due course. Today’s theme focuses on cultivating peace by working in harmony with these laws.

As gardeners, we look to see what’s needed. We take the action that makes sense in the natural order of things. A fruitful, healthy harvest is the result of consistent care in the garden, and in daily life. Peace grows as we tend the seeds with patience and common sense. Today you might ask:

Where are the seeds of peace in my life?
What is the natural next step I can take to help them grow?

The rhythm of peace also grows and ripens by natural laws. In this harmony lies its potential to persist and thrive through seasons of challenge and change. Together we will sow the seeds of peace, and use the wisdom of natural laws to feed and water with care.

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Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa