Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Poetry

Renew your imagination.

Theme for the 26th day of the month:

Good poetry refreshes the imagination and offers a healthy break from daily tensions, opening us to new or forgotten possibilities. The creative use of the word captures an essence that releases its sustenance to a receiving heart. Poetry offers color—sometimes intense color—for which the imagination so hungers when life becomes too familiar or too chaotic, and all we see are dull tones. When poetry strikes a chord in us, it reflects back both the heights and the depths of our human experience and we feel “seen.”

Through writing poetry we claim our voice as we engage in a direct conversation with life. We grapple with the realities before us and strive to sculpt a sense of meaning. In reading a piece of poetry that moves us, we enter into the world of art, beauty, and depth. We become more attuned to the full impact of the present moment.

The poetry of peace provides an important source of nourishment for the sustained effort that cultivating peace requires. Today’s theme recommends taking a few minutes to renew your imagination by reading or writing some poetry for peace. Be soothed or startled, inspired or humbled … whatever you need today.

If possible, share some poetry that stirs you with your family, friends or co-workers. As we engage our imagination today, by letting ourselves be influenced by the creative power of the word, we bring new inspiration to the rhythm of peace.

Rhythm of Peace:  Cultivating Peace in Daily Life
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Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa