Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Help from Above

Receive guidance and inspiration.

Theme for the 17th day of the month:

(Photograph for today's theme by Randall J. Hodges, Randall J. Hodges Photography.)

We’re not alone in our efforts to cultivate peace in our lives, but there are those difficult times when it would seem so. Sometimes the path is steep, and we feel very alone. During those times, we carry the weight of life with little ease or humor. Today’s theme acknowledges turmoil, challenge, and hardship with compassion. It’s an invitation to devote this day to awakening, renewing, and deepening our faith.

The wisdom traditions of the world remind us of the abundant resources that continually flow to us from other realms—realms that are beyond the ones we see with our ordinary senses. Guidance and inspiration are continuously offered to help us meet the challenges of life—our individual challenges as well as the national and global challenges we all share.

We each discover our own path to peace. We each shape our own relationship with the source of our faith. Today we can turn our attention to this source with a willingness to receive help in meeting the challenges before us.

Through participating in the rhythm of peace, we contribute to building a support structure of trust and good will for all of us. We can look to each other for a sense of connection and belonging while we go about our individual tasks. As we turn our eyes upwards together, we can also count on help from above. We can be certain that help is available to everyone, and no one is excluded.

Today’s theme suggests that we maintain an awareness of this support in all of the day’s events. One way is to imagine energy streaming towards us from above, like rays of sunlight. We can seek guidance about our needs and challenges, including those things about which we have the most fear and concern. You might ask yourself:

What do I genuinely need this month?
What is my greatest challenge?
What is my deepest concern?

We can use our capacity for deep listening, this time turning our attention upward. If we can affirm that each of us will receive meaningful guidance today, together we will call forth great healing resources into our personal challenges and into the world around us.

Rhythm of Peace:  Cultivating Peace in Daily Life
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Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa